Electro - Mechanical Properties

High performance servo motors

Powerful air purging and spray

Precise positioning system

All components are easily accessible for maintenance

Protective bellows for Slides and Bearings

Automatic central lubrication system

Standard 3 band spraying head ( it may increase upon request)

Nozzle flow rate proportional adjustment with adjusting screw

Control and Programming

7” – 11,6” touch screen controller

User friendly controller with teach mode will permit you to set sprayer by just teaching the position.

Independent control of each spray circuit

Interface with die casting machine to control cores and pins while spraying

Up to 100 spraying programmes

Plug & Play

-PLC-servo motor –driver-monitor kit have common programme and receiving programmes from PLC .
In case of any damage,just replace servo motor,driver or monitor and start the machine.

Powerfull servomotors ensure maximum accelerations and minimum intervention times.
Aluminium casting body provides.
Rigid,light weight and modular structure.
Heavy duty gear box system will ensure long life and less vibration.
The design and location of valves and piping will prevent any leagake on the spray head.
Linear roller bearing and guideways.
Hardened&Ground Rack and Pinion.
Independent Central Lubrication System for Slides&Bearings
Technical Properties

Operator Panel Screenshot

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